Security Awareness

Are your employees equipped to prevent a security breach? If not, your organization might be at risk. Security awareness is an essential part of employee training.

Awareness campaigns must be interesting enough to get people’s attention and short enough so they will remember the message, sort of like a marketing campaign. We work with our clients around the globe to provide them with relevant, high quality and engaging employee awareness videos.

In our videos we strive to make the user aware of the problem, how to rectify it and why they would want to do that. All of the videos have a voice over, making translations into various languages simple.

Our awareness videos are a perfect fit for your compliance needs such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS and various other country or state laws.

Our customers help us improve our content and make it more relevant. Customers can run our videos on their current software and systems.

Our dynamic culture of innovation, creativity and security make our videos unique.

Our videos can easily be translated into any language All our content is available in English with more languages coming soon.

If you are interested in our security awareness training videos in languages other than English, please contact us at at

Why so sad?

We think of security awareness as a marketing campaign instead of a training effort and should be enjoyable.

We understand that workforce happiness is an important factor in most modern companies. Having a motivated workforce that is up to date on security risks is a valuable asset.

Dynamic culture of innovation, creativity and security make our videos unique.

AwareGO produces high-quality training videos to maximize the impact of security awareness campaigns.

Our videos improve employee security training with minimal effect on their productivity.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the overall security of businesses and governments.

  • Short and inspiring videos
  • Ready to deploy today
  • Educate your employees with maximum results

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