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What hackers know and higher education is still learning?


79% of the attacks on educational institutions were financially motivated

It pays off!

Colleges and universities are a goldmine of personally identifiable information (PII) from students, alumni and employees. To avoid damage to their reputation educational institutions often pay after falling prey to ransomware attacks.


76% of institutions had no phishing reporting practices whatsoever

Budgets are tight!

Public institutions struggle with budgets, focusing investments in security on software only and leaving no room for employee education and security awareness training.


On-line education is in demand

Remote teaching and learning is an easy prey!

Covid-19 may have pushed the evolution of online education forward a few years but it was already here. Educational institutions need to be ready to provide access to learning and teaching platforms. This opens a lot of doors for hackers.


Cyber-espionage attacks in educational institutions are 3.5 times greater

Valuable and confidential research lives there!

Universities with medical centres and substantial research profiles are identified as the most vulnerable to cyber attacks by both nation-state actors and non-state actors.

Meet AwareGO - The cyber security awareness solution that employees love. We offer a cloud based learning management system which can be integrated with all modern platforms and engaging bite-sized training videos and content.

Build a strong security culture and empower your employees to become the first line of defense.

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Cyber security training for educational institutions

Cyber attacks on colleges and universities are more common than you’d think. That’s why we created a ready made cyber security training for educational institutions.

Quality SAT has never been more important

News, emails and social media posts about Covid-19 will get the most attention these days. Hackers are ready, willing and able to use this to their advantage.

Why companies are offering SAT to their employees

Hacking people has become the way to go for cyber criminals. And it’s easier than getting through firewalls and code. Hackers now rely on employees, from administrators to on-floor staff.

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