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A website starting with HTTPS is encrypted and much safer than a website that starts with HTTP.

Clean Desk

Our desks are not a safe place to keep confidential documents out in the open.


To create a strong password it's best to use a combination of lowercase, uppercase letters, symbols and numbers

Pop ups

Do you know the proper way to shut down pop ups?

Removable Media

There is a risk to using removable media. Make sure to encrypt your documents in case your flash drive gets lost or stolen.

Free WiFi

It's easy for hackers to monitor what other people are doing when they're connected to the same free WiFi.


When printing, remember to dispose properly of your documents.


How does spyware get onto your computer? Here's one way.

Handling Confidential Material

Your personal email and online storage are often not a safe as your work email.

Shoulder Surfing

Cyber criminals don't just guess or hack your password. Sometimes they simply watch you type it in.

USB Key Drop

What do you do when you find a USB flash drive? Whatever you do don't plug it into your computer.

Home WiFi

If you're working from home make sure your home WiFi is secure and encrypted.

Software installs

Make your IT technician's job easier and don't install software on your work computer without permission.

Social Engineering

Don't share confidential information with people who do not have authorazation. Not even your good friends.

Dumpster Diving

There's a lot of valuable information that can be gleaned by going through a company's trash.

Key logger

A reminder to check your computer ports regularly for unknown devices.


You can infect your computer with ransomware by various means, like opening an attachment or updating your computer from an untrustworthy source. It can be very expensive to recover your files.


Vishing is the telephone equivalent of phishing. It is described as the act of using the telephone in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft.


Document, memos, email and contacts can be stolen if you leave your phone unlocked. It is important to guard the information. Always keep your phone locked when you’re not using it.

Think before you post

Some social media platforms and websites post more information about you than your name, for example where you work.

Privacy screens

Using a privacy screen is a very affordable way to increase your security dramatically when working outside of your office.

Correct Links

Sometimes when you receive links that look authentic, there can be a minor error that can be easy to miss to trick you into clicking and visit sites that can be dangerous.

Doublecheck Before You Trust

There is always a possibility that someone has been “listening in” on your email conversations, jumping in when you least suspect it and fooling you into doing something you should not do.

Sharing Information

Be extra careful who you deliver confidential information to and make sure the recipient has the authority to access the information.

Unnecessary Data

Processing of personal data revealing sensitive information is only allowed under very strict circumstances, described in Article 9 of the GDPR.

Mobile listening

There might be malware installed on your mobile which can turn on your camera and microphone to listen in on your conversation.

Unknown network

Hackers can set up a Wi-Fi access point, but if you connect, much of your communication can be monitored or even manipulated.

Network printers

The main risk factor when using a networked printer is that if you select the wrong printer, confidential material can reach unauthorized eyes, inside or outside of the company.

Valuables in the car

If you are trusted with confidential information on medias or printouts, leaving them in an unsupervised car is not safe.

Update your software

Updating your software regularly or when you get notified is very important.

Multi factor authentication

Hackers have been after passwords since the dawn of the Internet and they are surprisingly adept at stealing them and even guessing them.

Why AwareGO content works? AwareGO borrows from the masters of advertising and uses short story-driven videos to drive home employee security awareness training.

This way we also ensure that the learning stays top-of-mind and can be retrieved right at that moment when your employee is confronted with a potential cyber security threat.

A dash of humor is the icing on the cake, not just because security awareness training can be boring, but it has been proven that people retain more learning when it’s fun.

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