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Health care is hackers’ new favorite. Facts:


Health care is #1 targeted industry by hackers

Hackers target health care

The industry with the highest number of attacks by ransomware is the health care industry. And it’s expected that the attacks will quadruple by 2020.


Health information is the #2 most sought after information type by hackers

Hackers target health information

Health information is the second most at-risk type of data when it comes to cyber attacks.


HIPAA penalties in 2018

HIPAA penalties

The US government doled out a new high of $26 million in HIPAA penalties in 2018


The value of health care information vs. financial information on the black market

Customer loss

Personal health information is 50x more valuable on the black market than financial information, and stolen patient health records can fetch upwards of $60 per record (which is 10-20 times more than credit card information).

91 percent of successful breaches rely on the manipulation of humans
How do hackers get health care data?The Human Factor is responsible for 9 out of 10 breaches. It only takes one person to click the wrong link.

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2017

Meet AwareGO, your perfect companion for the HIPAA compliance. AwareGO’s security awareness campaigns consist of short, fun, and memorable high-quality videos.

Empower your staff to become the true defense force for the health care data

Crafted by security experts in collaboration with educators and advertisers

  • Efficient ∙ 1 min. videos that don’t interfere with productivity
  • Effective ∙ Relatable real-life situations
  • Evolving ∙ New videos monthly to cover new risks

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