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  • Help make your office and home more cybersecure
  • Increase your knowledge of cyber vulnerabilities and threats
  • Learn about security awareness strategies and ten ways to stay cybersecure

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Everything you need to know about cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should be an essential part of your company culture.

In this book, cybersecurity experts Ragnar Sigurdsson and Maria Bada take you through the key elements of cybersecurity and how to maintain it at your business as well as in your home.

Basic cybersecurity concepts
Understanding behavior online
Common vulnerabilities
Cyber-attack techniques
Security awareness strategies
Ten ways to stay cybersecure

About the authors

Ragnar Sigurdsson

Ragnar is a former penetration tester and through his work discovered that people are the weakest link in cyber security.

Maria Bada

Maria is a research associate at the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre who focuses on the human factor in cybercrime.

Cybersecurity awareness starter kit

Cybersecurity awareness training For Dummies

We've created a tailor-made security awareness training program to accompany the e-book. It covers the most common cyber vulnerabilities and threats and helps you and your employees become more cybersecurity aware.

  • Tailgating, password handling, VPN and 7 more
  • Short 1 min video lessons that don’t interfere with work
  • No credit card required, no upfront commitment

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