Human Risk Assessment

Measure and track employees’ cybersecurity knowledge and behavior

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Identify vulnerabilities in your teams, inform your cybersecurity strategies and measure their effectiveness

Measure all areas of cybersecurity — not just phishing or ransomware

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Test your employees in realistic, personalized scenarios — just like hackers would

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Get actionable insights and identify vulnerabilities to create an informed cybersecurity strategy

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We were able to identify very specific areas where we needed to educate our teams on cybersecurity. We also identified gaps between knowledge and behavior in everyday business.
Nikolay Betov
Information Security Governance and Awareness Lead at Mondelēz International

Measure all areas of cybersecurity — not just phishing or ransomware


Interactive email phishing scenarios test employees comprehensively and positively — rather than phishing simulations

Sensitive data

Assess risks related to social media and day-to-day handling of sensitive data


Find out if employees know what safe passwords are and if they handle their passwords with care

Physical security

Measure knowledge of tricky situations around the workplace, such as tailgating and shoulder-surfing

Remote work

See how employees think about cybersecurity when working remotely


We are always improving and adapting to the ever-evolving cyber threats

Test your employees in realistic, personalized scenarios

Get started in minutes by choosing an assessment program, schedule and delivery channel

Question use your company and employee data to make simulations realistic

Integrate with Active Directory, Google Workspace or your own SSO system. Enable Slack or Teams training bots

Get actionable insights to identify vulnerabilities and inform strategy

Identify which departments and individuals are vulnerable at which threat areas

Focus training campaigns on the weak points of departments and individuals

Get detailed feedback and improve internal procedures and policies


Don’t phish own employees

Our interactive, multifaceted email scenarios create better learning outcomes without building distrust

Avoid assessment fatigue

Every question is crafted as an interactive, learning experience — like a detective game

Positive, empowering experience

If a participant gets it wrong, they learn what was wrong and what is the correct behavior

Administer in minutes

Choose a template or select from a pool of 30+ interactive and relatable questions

Granular insights

Analyze resilience per department and roles up to the question level and specific behaviors

Fits into modern workflows

Send assessments over Slack or Teams, the tools your team is using


We are always improving and adapting to the ever-evolving cyber threats

In your language

Available in 18 languages with more being added

Beyond assessment

Explore how to deploy targeted training and discover our relatable, retainable and fun cybersecurity awareness videos


Security Awareness Videos

Increase engagement with live action videos your employees can relate to and remember

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Security Awareness Training

Achieve compliance and build security culture with curated behavior-changing training programs

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How to get started

You and your employees are going to love AwareGO. It’s a modern, cloud-based system for managing human factor risk from assessment to remediation. And we’ve made it super easy — schedule your first assessment or training in minutes.

Get started for free and give it a go right now.

You’ll love the ways how AwareGo can fit into your existing infrastructure. Our robust APIs, widgets, and content available in SCORM format make sure integration is seamless. We also integrate with Active Directory, Google Workspace, and popular tools like Slack and Teams.

Contact us to have our expert recommend you the best way to integrate.

Upgrade your cybersecurity business by adding human risk management to your existing portfolio of services. Increase your deal size by leveraging Human Risk Assessment or offering Security Awareness Training to your current customers and creating a new revenue stream.

Contact us to become an AwareGO partner, and we will support you every step of the way.

Join top companies worldwide in the mission to make workplaces cyber-safe

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