Data safety – don’t leave it in your car

There are multiple ways to keep customer information and other valuable data safe. For example: locking all computers when they are not in use and using multi-factor authentication for your data servers.

But wait, there’s more! Clear and concise protocols for employees to follow are a great way to ensure data safety. This means companies must have these protocols in place and teach their employees the right way to do things. How to move data from one place to another. Why they should use strong passwords. And how to recognize phishing emails so they don’t get hacked. How? Through security awareness training!


Data safety in car

Portable devices and printouts = less data safety

Many employees now use laptops and even bring them home to do additional work. They also use portable drives or flash drives to carry work documents between their home and workplace and to take into meetings. This can prove dangerous as often these devices do not have good encryption and are easy to steal. The same, of course, applies to printouts containing confidential information.

When carrying laptops or portable drives employees must always be aware of data safety. That’s why one of AwareGO’s latest awareness training videos is a reminder not to leave items containing private data in the car. It sounds very simple and should be common knowledge and yet the problem is big enough to dedicate a whole video reminder to this topic alone.

The problem is not that employees don’t care or that they don’t know cars can’t be stolen or broken into. The problem is that they usually don’t think beyond the car or the hardware. Or they believe their car alarm is enough to deter thieves from even trying. They’re not thinking about the valuable information that devices or printouts inside the car might hold and that this might be what the thieves are after.


Cars don't have enough data safety

No replacement for stolen data
While the car might not be so easy to steal the valuables inside the car surely are. It only takes a few seconds to get to them. No matter the alarm system the thief will be long gone when someone finally shows up.

The car and actual computer or hard drives might be well ensured or even easy to replace but the same does not apply to confidential data. Once data is out the damage is done. Cyber criminals can use the information to extort you, your clients or to launch spear phishing attacks using the information they just got.

As privacy laws are getting tighter losing private data can result in hefty fines. Then there is the matter of lost confidence from customers and business associates.



What is Security Awareness Training - it is not a one time thing


Every month AwareGO publishes 1-2 high-quality cyber security awareness training videos on various topics, such as data safety, phishing, physical safety, ransomware and more. Each video is designed to help organisations all over the world to keep cyber security top-of-mind and encourage good behavior and digital hygiene.

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