Cyber secure habits for 2021 – AwareGO

Are you ready for a more cyber secure 2021? As much as some people would like to forget 2020 ever happened, unfortunately it will still be remembered as a year of increased cyber-attacks, spam, phishing emails and information disorder in our neck of the woods. That is why we’ve decided to publish and give away our brand new booklet: 52 shades of cybersecurity: Weekly habits for a cyber secure 2021. And it’s free!!

Copies of 52 shades of cybersecurity: Weekly habits for a cyber secure 2021 booklet.

Don’t let the name fool you – there is nothing dirty about 52 shades of cybersecurity. Our weekly cyber secure habits emails and PDF booklet will, however, help you get your cyber security and data hygiene in order. You can sign up for your copy here.

Cybersecurity and security awareness is about repeated behaviors and reminders. We are what we do – and we are what we don’t do. To become safe online we need to be aware of the risks and develop behaviors that minimize the likelihood of us getting into trouble. We need cyber secure habits!

How could cyber secure habits help?

Did you know that around 90% of all cyber-attacks begin with a phishing email? What if we could all become a little more sceptic around emails and more aware of the risks they pose? If we would stop falling for phishing emails, we could almost put an end to cyber-attacks and data leaks. We could save trillions of dollars within the global economy. And best of all, we would put criminals out of business. Our Weekly Cyber Secure Habits are designed to help all of us do just that

Desktop with computer, smartphone coffee cup and a pad with an empty list of new year's resolutions. Making new cyber secure habits should be one of the resolutions.

Weekly reminders for cyber secure habits

Because people tend to start strong and then forget, we’ve decided to offer 52 shades of cybersecurity both as a booklet and as Weekly Cyber Secure Habits emails. If you sign up you will receive a printer friendly PDF with all our cyber secure habits for each week of 2021. Starting in January we will send you weekly emails to remind you of the new habit of the week. 

Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like doing it anymore you can always unsubscribe from the list. You will still have your trusty PDF booklet to go by. 

So, what’s in it?

The 52 shades of cybersecurity booklet is for everyone and works both at home and at the office. You are welcome to share it with your family and co-workers as much as you can. 

A list of cyber security themes from the e-booklet 52 shades of cybersecurity: Weekly cyber secure habits for 2021

The booklet and Weekly Cyber Secure Habits email contain simple to follow behaviors and a short text describing why they are important. We segmented the risks into 12 themes, one for each month. For example, in January, while we’re fresh, we’ll tackle phishing. Then come “Keeping sensitive data safe” in February, “Passwords” in March and “Online security” in April. Take a look at the picture above for all 12 themes of 2021. 

For each month we’ve created four or five simple to follow cyber secure habits, one for each week. For example: “Locking the phone”, “hovering over links in emails”, “using multi-factor authentication”, and “updating your computer’s software”. 

Example of weekly cyber security habits from 52 shades of cybersecurity booklet

Cyber security awareness is not something people acquire over night because they read a PDF booklet once. It’s remembering those little things again and again while we go about our day, both online and off-line. This is why these little reminders are so important. They help us remember and create those important cyber security habits so they become a part of our routine. 

But it’s [insert month] now!

Did you only just hear about the 52 shades of cybersecurity booklet now? That’s okay! You can jump right in and sign up for our booklet and our Weekly Cyber Secure Habits emails. Read up on the habits that have already been sent out and join us where we’re at in the year. We’re not leaving you behind!

Here’s to a more cyber secure 2021 with easy cyber security habits for all!

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