About Us

We are dedicated to improve cyber security awareness for safer workplaces


Our values


Security awareness should be enjoyable

We use the tools and techniques of the advertising world to create short, storydriven and effective training videos.

The occasional sprinkle of humour helps us grab users’ interest, hold their attention and drive the message home.


Security awareness should be effective and efficient

12 years ago we started out with 15 minute videos. It’s when we cut the videos down to 1.5 minutes that we started seeing a huge impact.

Today all our video are under 60 seconds.


Security awareness should be continuous

Security awareness is a subject that needs to be on a constant reminder at an organization, so it´s fresh in the employee’s mind always, and updates the employees about new threats.


Listen to people

Our customers guide us, help us improve our content and make it more relevant.

We apply the same principle to our own employees, so everyone in AwareGO has a chance to express their ideas.

Our story

AwareGO’s security awareness training videos are based on years of experience from CEO Ragnar Sigurðsson, CISSP, CEH, a penetration tester and ethical hacker, and Helga Björg Steinthorsdottir, an experienced HR specialist, who founded the company together.

Ragnar experienced first hand the challenges organizations faced when training employees on proper security measures. He saw employees doze off and completely lose interest during security awareness training lectures. This lead to Ragnar and Helga joining forces to find a better way to bring the security awareness message to the masses, knowing that there had to be a better way to make workplaces safer.

In 2018 Eyrir Ventures decided to come on board and is to this day AwareGO’s largest single investor.

”Employees would doze off and completely lose interest during security awareness training lectures. Nobody cared.”

blankRagnar Sigurdsson


Corporate Social Responsibility

While our main goal is to make the world more cyber secure, we also want to make our planet a better place, or, at least not worse than how it was handed to us. AwareGO is following the UN Goals for Sustainability by integrating them into our culture, empowering our people and making sustainability personal. Our 2021 GRI Report is out and you can read it here.

What are we doing?

  • Recycling
  • Reducing the use of paper, for example by using digital signatures through Docusign
  • Minimizing air travel by conducting on-line meetings
  • Minimizing use of plastic by using reusable water bottles
  • Ensuring fair and equal pay to all members of staff
  • Reducing waste by purchasing only second-hand office furniture
  • Putting up awareness reminders on things that matter, such as reducing the use of water and recycling plastic
  • Watching documentaries on plastic waste and other natural threats once a month
  • Supporting NGOs like NetHope

Furthermore, we are planning to fulfill more of our social responsibilities in our community by supporting initiatives that help the homeless, the less fortunate and families in need.

Our clients

AwareGO’s clients range from small businesses to enterprise-level organizations in a variety of industries, including a number of the world’s top 25 banking institutions.


Meet the team

Aleksandr Popov

Lead Architect

Anna Margrét Björnsdóttir


Ari Kristinn Jónsson


Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson

Graphic designer

Árni Þór Árnason

Chief Operating Officer

Ásta Guðrún Helgadóttir

Data Protection Officer

Barbora Strihová

Junior Developer

David Mužík


Eilifur Orn Thrastarson

Executive Producer

Emma Bare

Client Success Manager

Erlendur Steinn Gudnason

Partner Manager EMEA

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir

Chief Marketing Officer

Gunnar Audunn Johannsson

Filming / Production

Jan Vojáček


Jessica Bowe

Localization Specialist

Jónas Jónasson

Client Success Specialist

Lee Roy Tipton

Chief Technology Officer

Olafur Pall Torfason

Executive Producer

Maria Bada

External Behavior Scientist

Neil Butchart

General Manager, North America

Oksana Popova

Office manager of Prague office.

Ragnar Sigurðsson

Co-Founder / Head of R&D

Sigmar Stefánsson

Senior Developer

Sindri Bergmann

Chief Product Officer

Waleska Giraldo Þorsteinsson

Quality Assurance

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