New security awareness video – Multi factor authentication

AwareGO just released a new security awareness video that covers the need for multi factor authentication.

Since the dawn of the internet and online accounts hackers have been trying to find ways to get to people’s passwords. They’ll use multiple ways, from phishing or spear phishing to keylogging or hacking into big databases that store multiple passwords. Hackers also know that many people use the same password for everything. If they get your password for one account they’ll try it everywhere to see if they’ll get lucky.

multi factor authentication still from security awareness video


Why use multi factor authentication?

Here’s where multi factor authentication comes to the rescue. Passwords can be easily stolen but usually we keep our phones, fingerprints and retinas with us at all times. We know that certain accounts, like bank accounts and emails, need more protection than others. Hacking into your magazine subscription might not cause a lot of damage, but your bank or invoicing system are another story. When you add an extra layer of security around certain accounts it makes them that much harder to breach. It’s the difference between merely closing your front door and locking it. Accounts that utilize multi factor authentication are still locked even if hackers get your password.
multi factor authentication fingers on keyboard with lock sign

Keeping it safe

Multi factor authentication is easy to set up on your phone. You can use fingerprints, automatically generated pin codes or retina scans to verify your sign in. Most systems and accounts offer some kind of multi factor verification process. Enable this possibility whenever possible for sensitive accounts.

Multi factor authentication is based on something you know (like a password), something you have (like a mobile phone) and/or something you are (like your fingerprints or retinas). The more steps you use to secure sensitive information and accounts the harder they’ll be to breach. Also make sure to practice good password handling, creating strong passwords consisting of upper and lower case letters and number that aren’t easily guessed.
Multi factor authentication still from security awareness video

Make good passwords, regular password changes and multi factor authentication a part of your company’s security culture. Put strong password policies in place and make sure everyone follows them.

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