Security awareness raising made simple for the DPO

So, you’re the Data Protection Officer? Congratulations! This means one of your primary duties is security awareness raising and the training of staff involved in processing operations. And that’s a simple task, right?

Considering the consequences of not complying with GDPR, one might think that every employee would be a team player, participating in every training on offer. Sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case but here are a few pointers on employee buy-in that might prove helpful.

There are two ways to guarantee that awareness campaigns are a success:

  • Using threats of consequences for not complying
  • Using short, easy to use messages

We believe in the latter and that’s why we started AwareGO. The job of the DPO can be a difficult task, we know. And some people just seem to have undying and unyielding faith when it comes to the ability of the IT department and firewalls. We really want to help you get started.  Here is a link to a demo video where you can see an example of how we at AwareGO help DPOs raise security awareness with employees all over the world.

Cyber Security Awareness video

You can also check out our security awareness raising video catalog on our website.

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