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Security Awareness Training that Works

High quality, short and effective videos that stick with you.  Interesting, storydriven videos which hold attention and ensure comprehension.

Relatable stories put the viewer at their heart to ensure that the message hits home. 

Light, human and sometimes a little humorous tone that makes the training enjoyable.

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You can infect your computer with ransomware by various means, like opening an attachment or updating your computer from an untrustworthy source and it can be very expensive to recover your files.


Document, memos, email and contacts can be stolen if you leave your phone unlocked. It is important to guard the information. Always keep your phone locked when you’re not using it.

Relevant and constantly updated content to cover emerging security threats. 

Easily customizable to different languages and markets. Minimum disruption to productivity with short bite sized training videos.

Compliance qualified:

  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001

 and more.

Easily set up in any LMS system.  Customizable with your brand design

Over 2 million users worldwide

Our customers include banks, energy companies, governments, health care companies, Fortune 500 companies and many many more.

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