AwareGO Premium

Easy-to-use security awareness training platform

  • Create and schedule training campaigns for your employees
  • Comply with the GDPR, ISO27001, PCI-DSS
  • Fun, bite-sized original videos for employees

Best in class educational platform for cyber security awareness training.

These companies use AwareGO for security awareness

Client - Betsson
Client - Icelandair
Client - Nethope
Client - Credit Suiesse
Client - Landsbankinn
Client - Energex
Shake it to the right

“Absolute recommendation because the work [AwareGO] does is great, the message comes across loud and clear and should be shared further. “

Chief Security Office

“The videos were a big hit with users. Thanks so much for the level of effort your team put in. You really came through for us.“

~ Security Intelligence & Relations
Multinational conglomerate (Fortune 500)

“Very nice!! I like the new approach!“

Enterprise security offices
Local government

“New LMS that rolled out is fantastic — seeing programs grouped and categorized very well thought through makes my job easier! It’s easy to set it up and to delegate to HR or staff onboarding people. They don’t even have to think about this. ”

— Christine Ray
Chief Information Security Officer at Unqork

Online training platform

Online training platform

Key features

Access our entire catalog

Sign up for AwareGO Premium and get access to all videos. New videos added every month

Minimal effect on productivity

Videos are concise and almost always under 1 minute so it has minimum impact on employees productivity.

Build campaigns in minutes

Share educational videos company-wide by creating campaigns.

Track user progress

Leverage analytics to get insights into educational progress.

Start building your Cyber Security Defence Force today!

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