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Security awareness training doesn’t have to be boring. And we made it fun and engaging

Why AwareGO SAT platform

AwareGO lessons

Training videos that employees love

Crafted by security experts in collaboration with educators and advertisers, our videos are short, relatable and with a dash of humor. New videos are released monthly, keeping your organization safe from the latest cyber security threaths.

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Quizzes to reinforce learning

All lessons beside videos come with questions suitable for testing employees knowledge. For ones that want to learn more there are short text to further drive home learning points.

AwareGO lessons

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A training for mobile generation

We call it a microlearning - a combination of AwareGO’s short, easily digestible lessons with a truly mobile first cyber security awarenes training platform.

Give your employees the flexibility to choose where and when they want to take lessons and expect higher engagement and awreness scores in return.

How it works

Setting up a successful cybersecurity awareness training is now easy with our ready-made programs

Select a training program

Choose from 12 programs recommended by our experts or create your own

Start training and track progress

Add emails and start training campaigns.

Robust analytics allow you to track company progress and overall security resiliance increase.

Employees receive an email

Your employees receive lessons in their company inbox.

Employees watch & learn

Just by watching 1 min. videos and passing a short exam afterwards, employees become aware of cybersecurity threats and become your first line of defense!

Custom branded

Custom branded

A turnkey white label solution for online security awareness training. Upload your company logo and set your domain. Add your company brand and style to it.



Keep track of your employees progress and scores. Know who falls behind in training and use reminders to get them on the track.

Ready made programs

Ready made programs

Don’t know which security awareness topics are the best for your employees? Our cyber security experts have prepared 12 most common training programs to help you get started.

User sync

User sync

Having a large number of employees? Use our Active Directory integration to make sure that all your employees receive their training.

Protect your business with AwareGO security awareness training

Choose from ready-made training programs.
Or create your own

For new employees

Basic package to get new employees started and integrated into the organisation’s security culture

Executives and managers

The bosses need training too. Here’s everything they need to know to keep them safe

Complete coverage

Complete security awareness training covering all security topics

For new employees

Basic package to get new employees started and integrated into the organisation’s security culture


Intense training in password handling

Physical security

It’s not just the equipment that we need to protect

Common pitfalls

This can happen to everyone. Make sure your people are aware at all times

GDPR Compliance

For any employee handling customer or confidential data. Help them keep data protection top-of-mind

For finance and insurance

Cyber criminals often target employees working in the finance division. These training videos will keep them on high alert

For healthcare

Security awareness is especially important when it comes to healtcare data

For hospitality

Every day hackers try to pull one over on hospitality staff and their customers


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These companies and 2+ million users rely on AwareGO for security awareness

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Client - Icelandair
Client - Nethope
Client - Credit Suiesse
Client - Landsbankinn
Client - Energex

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