Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here – and we at AwareGO sure take that seriously. This year we decided to focus on the future of cybersecurity as the workplace goes hybrid. We want to celebrate that with AwareGO’s Guide to Hybrid Work and Cybersecurity, as well as a whitepaper: Hybrid Workplaces and Cybersecurity: How to Help Remote Workers Stay Safe when Working from Home? accompanied by a security checklist on what to keep in mind when establishing a cybersecure hybrid workforce.

Hybrid work and cybersecurity guide and whitepaper by AwareGO

The Hybrid Workplace is here to stay

The future of work is hybrid – a few days in the office and a few days working from home or in a café. Both people and technology managed to adapt quickly when the Covid-19 pandemic put the world at a stand-still. Of course, not everyone could do their work from home, but various industries were able to embrace remote work successfully. It has been so successful that employees and employers alike don’t foresee going full-time in the office again. At least in some industries.

The biggest challenge many companies face as the workforce stays remote is how to scale IT security meaningfully. Cybersecurity handling and securing networks used to mean just one office space. Today it is a question of securing workstations and networks as diverse as the number of employees. Not to mention addressing other security risks, such as the convenience of using personal devices. Or who is listening to that online meeting that wouldn’t have been invited if it was held at the office? Let alone the risk of allowing untrained people use the work laptop for leisure. The main challenge, therefore, is keeping the hybrid workforce up to date on cybersecurity as well as the equipment.

Hybrid work means online meeting which can be hijacked or zoom bombed.

AwareGO’s Guide to Hybrid Work and Cybersecurity

It is not always complicated to stay cyber secure when working from home. We have created a simple guide for employees, AwareGO’s Guide to Hybrid Work and Cybersecurity, on how to stay cyber secure while working from home. Of course, some things remain the same regardless of where we are working. Other precautions relate solely to hybrid work. Some of them are not so obvious until they are pointed out.

How can Remote Workers Stay Safe when Working from Home

For the cybersecurity experts and leadership of the future hybrid workplaces, we have created a more in-depth analysis. It is focused on the complexities of hybrid work with solutions that will continue to allow remote work in a post-pandemic world. Our whitepaper, How to Help Remote Workers Stay Safe when Working from Home, addresses the need to consider the habits and behaviors of employees when working from home. The technological solutions to create a safe workstation at home can only go so far. To go all the way we need the right procedures and habits too.

The whitepaper is accompanied with The Cybersecurity Essentials Checklist for a Hybrid Workplace. The seven most important things to put in place and take into consideration when securing a hybrid workforce? Does your company have a cybersecurity readiness plan in place for remote workers, and what does that even entail?

Woman doing hybrid work from her bed while simultaneously at the office.

You can download a PDF copy of our hybrid work guide and whitepaper here. We’ve designed the material to be easily shareable and readable even on mobile devices. You could even cut bite sized chunks from our hybrid work guide to send out to employees gradually instead of sending the whole thing. We’re all about bite-size here at AwareGO as too much information at once often lowers the attention and retention rate.

Hybrid work is the future

A workplace that will stay hybrid in a post-pandemic world will need active cybersecurity awareness training. For hybrid work to, well, work, we’ll need to make sure that employees have the technical skillset and the proper habits and security awareness required. We at AwareGO hope you have a good Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We want to help you become ready to help your company. Let’s ensure that all months have cybersecurity awareness training and awareness raising!

Man doing hybrid work at home with movable media

AwareGO provides curated bite-sized security awareness videos and a cloud-based learning management system to deliver content quickly and get insight on the progress. We have curated ready-made programs for multiple subjects, including strong passwords and remote work. We offer a free trial of our security awareness training (no credit card or commitment needed) where you can take a look at all our videos and ready-made programs , with free videos, to find out if our security awareness training and risk assessment fit your needs.

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