We’re getting into the festive spirit but that doesn’t mean we forget all about cyber security. Instead we’ve released a festive holiday awareness video for the whole world to see.

A Christmas dog checks out AwareGO's Holiday Special Cyber Security Awareness Video.
You could even show it to your dog – We’re sure he’d enjoy it!

Our holiday security awareness video is to remind you to spread cheer instead of viruses. It’s a play on that old problem we used to have when putting up our holiday decorations.

Still from AwareGO's Holiday Special security awareness video featuring a decorative string light

If one bulb was broken it affected the whole string of lights. This can also happen to networked computers in a business. If just one gets infected the others could be at risk because they get infected through the company network.

A still from AwareGO's holiday special Security Awareness video about a man who "uploads" a faulty light bulb and infects all the lights with a virus.

Our video is, of course, virus free so feel free to spread it far and wide to remind your colleagues and co-workers of the importance of keeping your work computers clean and not downloading unauthorized software.

Let’s do good deeds this Holiday season and spread joy and security awareness to the world. We bet you the hackers will be getting a lump of coal from Santa.

A Still from AwareGO's Holiday Special cyber security awareness video about a faulty light bulb that infects all the others with a virus.

Happy Holidays from the AwareGO team! Let’s make 2020 the year we finally see a decline in successful cyber-attacks and security breaches.

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