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Security awareness video

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Security awareness with AwareGO

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We borrow from the best persuaders in the world

Who are the best of the best at reaching people, persuading them to do what they want them to do, and ensure that they stay top of mind? - you’re right, it’s advertisers!

AwareGO borrows from the masters of advertising and uses short storydriven videos to drive home employee security awareness training.

This way we also ensure that the learning stays top-of-mind and can be retrieved right at that moment when your employee is confronted with a potential cyber security threat.

A dash of humour is the icing on the cake, not just because security awareness training can be boring, but it has been proven that people retain more learning when it’s fun.

Storydriven videos

Easy LMS integration
Easily integrate AwareGO's training videos into any Learn Management System. If you don't have your own, we can also set you up with our trusted partners. Contact us for more information
Compliance qualified
Whether it's GDPR, ISO27001, PCI-DSS or other standards, our security awareness training is fully compliant.
Always Up-To-Date
We ensure that you are fully up-to-date with training on all relevant cyber security risks We produce 2 new videos every month so we constantly cover emerging security threats.

Additional materials
The videos come with short texts for introduction and to further drive home their learning points. They also come with questions suitable for testing employees knowledge.
Multiple languages
Already available in English and we are adding more languages. German, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and more. The videos can easily be translated into any language - what language would you like us to speak? Let us know.
Branded for you

How it works

Defend your organisation from the cyber security risk posed by unaware employees - which currently provide the most effective ways for hackers to get into your systems

Keep your organization safe by turning your employees into your cyber security defence force. Short and effective training for maximum impact in minimum time and minimum interruption to productivity. Easily integrate content into your organisation’s LMS system or we can set you up with our LMS partners Actually make security awareness training interesting - fun even!

Security Professionals, CSO, CICO, Security Directors…
You know that even with the most state-of-the art security technology available, your organisation isn’t secure unless you address the human factor. Let us help you build an organisation-wide cyber security defence force!
Training and Human Resources Professionals
Easily deploy the most effective security awareness training in your organisation. Constantly updated. Interesting and effective. Let us help train your employees in cyber security awareness.
IT Professionals
Avoid system downtime due to a wide range of cyber security threats with accompanying workload of system recovery. With cyber security aware employees you can get on with building your IT infrastructure - not rebuilding.

Simply and effectively comply with article 9 of GDPR on “awareness raising and training of staff”.
C-Level Executives
Build an effective employee defence force against the financial and reputational business losses that come from data leaks, financial scams, your business being held ransom by hackers and other cyber security threats.
Legal Professionals
Minimise your organisation’s exposure to legal damages due to employee negligence when it comes to cyber security and data handling.

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